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TRIAGE Risk Results + Mitigation within AbaData Pipeline Mapping APP

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

TRIAGE subscribers with a current license with AbaData can now view Risk Calculations - Internal + External Corrosion embedded within standard AbaData navigation, and reporting features.

TRIAGE Mitigation Guidelines for internal corrosion are also available for convenient consumption by field, operations teams.

This is the first time commercial pipeline data software is a home for analysis of pipeline data, and field, operations teams throughout Alberta are quickly seizing upon opportunities to secure a joint subscription for TRIAGE, and AbaData.

The use of predictive analytics by smart-Project Management has identified useful patterns hidden within Alberta public pipeline + well data for the purpose of more accurately understanding past pipeline performance issues, and for accurately characterizing what is likely to occur in the future.

Understanding of these irrefutable patterns supports accurate classification of all Alberta pipelines according to the susceptibility to internal and external corrosion damage, and positions field, operations teams to schedule mitigation and inspection actions with proper alignment to the integrity threat, and to the actual physical condition of the pipelines.

Images of TRIAGE within AbaData.

Pipeline Selection + Engineering Assessment Reporting

TRIAGE Engineering Assessment Reports


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