City of Medicine Hat

"Deliverables designed to complement activities of existing pipeline integrity & field, operations teams."

TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification & Mitigation Guidance
"A One-of-a-Kind Service Offering"

Our mission is to help our industry improve pipeline performance and profitability through application of our proven classification methods. By adoption of complex data pattern analytical methods, TRIAGE predicts and prevents pipeline corrosion failures with far greater accuracy than existing industry standard methods.

TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Assessment / Internal + External Corrosion

Risk-Based Optimization of Mitigation & Maintenance Costs

Elimination of Unnecessary Misapplication of Cost onto Low-Risk Assets

Corporate Inventory

TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification

Internal Corrosion

TRIAGE - Mitigation Optimization

Internal Corrosion

TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification & CP Survey Optimization

External Corrosion