smart-Project Management Inc. is an innovative engineering consultancy dedicated to classifying pipelines according to severity of integrity threats, and providing guidance to owner companies to assure mitigation action and costs are appropriate to the hazard condition.

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"Deliverables designed to complement activities of existing pipeline integrity & field, operations teams."

TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification & Mitigation Guidance
TRIAGE positions Clients to align their mitigation, monitoring & inspection costs with corporate risk exposure

Internal Corrosion

Optimize Corrosion Inhibitor Cost


Annual Savings

External Corrosion

Extend CP Survey Intervals


36-month Savings

Total Direct Cost Savings - 36-months


Corporate Inventory

TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification

Internal Corrosion

TRIAGE - Mitigation Optimization

Internal Corrosion

TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification & CP Survey Optimization

External Corrosion


  • TRIAGE - Corporate Engineering Assessment Reports