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TRIAGE - Integrity Hazard Classification & Mitigation Guidance
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Classification of corporate pipelines according to likelihood of failure event

Guidance for cost-effective application of mitigation, inspection & monitoring

Mitigation guidance for consumption by field, operations teams assures alignment of mitigation, inspection & monitoring with actual pipeline condition

TRIAGE hazard classification provides unique insight about over-life corrosion hazards as a complement the work of existing pipeline integrity teams

Field, operations teams have been enthusiastic for the opportunity to access hazard assessment & mitigation guidance within the popular AbaData

Extend interval between CP surveys to 24 or 36 months for low-risk operating fields

TRIAGE has been proven to improve pipeline performance, with 45% cost savings

Delivers improved safety and reliability performance, and improves credibility with the AER regarding efforts to improve pipeline safety and environmental protection compared to standard industry methods

Incorporation of complex data pattern analytics applied to 45-years of AER public data positions TRIAGE to consider over-life corrosion hazard exposure to create a more reliable classification of corporate pipelines compared to standard industry methods.

Each month, we connect all-Alberta wells and pipelines, and allocate oil, water & gas production throughout the connected networks 


Mitigation Guidance